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Brand Assets

Thank you for respecting our brand while promoting Payouts Service!
Payouts Service colors
Payouts Service logo & logomark

Our logo is always displayed horizontally with the logo on the left and the text on the right.

The logo comes in two variations: full color (#2684e1 - #10385e) and white (#ffffff).

Our logomark is also available for use. We trust you to use your best judgment when using the logomark instead of the full logo.

The logomark is a better choice when our brand is represented by an icon. However, be sure to always display the logomark with nearby context referring to Payouts Service.

The logomark comes in three variations: blue (#2684e1), navy, (#10385e) and white (#ffffff).

Download all logo assets

Download all (EPS, SVG, & PNG)
Download all (EPS, SVG, & PNG)
Download all (EPS, SVG, & PNG)
Download all (EPS, SVG, & PNG)
Room to breathe

Always leave at least 1 unit of space around the entire logo. A unit is defined one-third the width of the displayed logomark.