Earlier this month we passed a huge milestone, more than $1,000,000 in payouts processed for affiliates around the world!

As of today, we have more than 6,500 individuals and businesses registered and able to receive deposits through the Payouts Service, and more 1,350 businesses setup to pay their affiliates. Last month alone, we registered 119 new websites and 574 new recipient accounts.

It was just a few short months ago that we celebrated with our team the milestone of 1,000 payouts (totaling $660,000), which took us more than a year and a half to achieve. Our current trajectory suggests we’ll be celebrating $2,000,000 in payouts before the end of Summer, 2021. Will we hit that mark? Subscribe by email to stay in the loop and find out!

What’s next?

We are focusing on two big improvements right now:

  1. Reducing fees and processing times in 11 of our 44 currently supported countries
  2. Expanding the Payouts Service to Commissions for Easy Digital Downloads 🥳

Both of these updates are making good progress and we’ll be sharing more soon.

Are you using the Payouts Service?

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Are you considering using the Payouts Service?

Without the Payouts Service, paying your affiliate commissions can be difficult. And it gets worse and worse as you grow more and more successful. The Payouts Service makes it easy. No matter how many people you are paying, it just takes 1-3 minutes and a few clicks. And you never have to leave your WordPress admin!

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