Last week we hit a milestone. One thousand payouts have been submitted through our system!

Let’s take a brief look back over the last 16 months and see how the Payouts Service has changed and grown.

Our first beta of the service was launched in September of 2019 and our first active customer signed up to use it later that same day.

The service officially launched on November 7, 2019. Since then we have been constantly working on making the service the best possible way to pay affiliates with AffiliateWP.

Some of the improvements we’ve made in the last year include:

In total we have deployed 50 updates to the service since launch and have many, many more to go.

With our 1,000th payout recorded, we have now processed (or are currently processing) over $660,000 in payouts for affiliates from dozens of different industries.

We’ve seen payouts from financial literacy companies, jewelers, software providers, herbal supplements, firearm education, and numerous other industries. Payout #1000 was processed for a cosmetics company, one of the most highly represented industries for the Payouts Service.

We started with just a few websites using our service for payout processing but word has quickly spread and we have now successfully processed payouts for nearly 200 businesses, with hundreds more preparing to submit their first payout.

Cumulatively, these businesses are paying out more than $70,000 per month to their affiliates. And more businesses are connecting their affiliate programs to the Payouts Service every day!

What’s next?

Our development team is continuing to work on the platform every day and there are a lot of improvements coming soon. A few items of particular note that we are working on:

  • Adding support for more countries, including Mexico, India, and Bangladesh
  • Additional invoice payment options for non-USA businesses to improve and expedite the process of transferring the funds for payouts
  • Self-managed account area for business owners
  • Support for platforms beyond AffiliateWP, starting with Easy Digital Downloads Commissions

Are you using the Payouts Service?

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Are you considering using the Payouts Service?

If you are using AffiliateWP, the more successful you grow, the more you’re going to want a better way to pay your affiliates.

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